The Substance of Faith

The Substance of Faith

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Yellowstone – Hiking Day and Cody

The Park Service ran antique buses restored by Ford Motor Corp.

Tuesday was a recovery day from riding and many of us took a hike in the Lamar Valley of the park.  If you’ve never been to Yellowstone, the Lamar Valley is where you want to go to see wildlife.  We heard wolves and saw hundreds of bison.  DSC02981_2We met two hiking guides, Josh and Emily Jo, who took us on a 4-hour trek.  Both were  very helpful and fun to be with.  Their business is Yellowstone Hiking Guides.  I would recommend them.  They taught us a healthy respect for bison.  Listening to the thunder of a stampeded far across the valley was a unique experience.








The next day started with an encounter with a large bison on the way to breakfast.  Ed and I came around the corner of a cabin and there he was, just a few feet in front of us.  After the warning of Josh and Emily Jo on the previous day, we backed up and detoured around a couple of cabins.

After breakfast we rode out of the Lake Lodge area and began our longest day.  The first several miles were flat, in evergreen forests or beside the lake.  The remainder of our miles were outside Yellowstone on US 14 and US 20.  We began climbing as we left the side of the lake, making our way through new growth forests which were snoring up where a fire had been.  The claims start to run together, but the downhill side was quite memorable.  It was the safest downhill we saw and most of us flew down the mountain.

From there we made our way to Cody.  The grade was largely downhill, but the winds was 20 mph+ from our front-right, making the ride much more difficult.   We rode along the Buffalo Bill Reservoir and descended through a tunnel as we approached Cody.

After 81 miles, we met the van at the Irma Hotel, which some described as “funky.” Others said “quirky.”  Their breakfast may have been the best part of the stay there.  Hey – it is historic.  You can stay at a Best Western anywhere.  Gunslingers strutted though parts of the hotel.  I never figured out if they were paid or just loved the personna.  One of the riders in the groups saw the regular evening gunfight in the street outside and said it was lam





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I am loving your stories and comments! I worked at Yellowstone one summer while at Furman, as a maid at the Lake Lodge. So many of the sights and sites you describe bring back fond memories!

Nina Lovel

September 3, 2015