The Substance of Faith

The Substance of Faith

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Quotes on Selfishness…..Not that we need any encouragement



  • Cancer cells are cells turned selfish.  They refuse to serve the rest of the body as normal cells do, but make the rest serve them so they can eat their own way to their death and cause the death of the organization upon which they feed.                                                                                               E. Stanley Jones in The Reconstruction of the Church, p. 183


  • Humility involves a Copernican revolution of the soul, the realization that the universe does not revolve around us.                                                                John Ortberg in The Life You’ve Always Wanted, p. 102


  • We are in love with ourselves at present.  We are in love with all the things that make us up. And we are not prepared to slay ourselves in order that some new person might be born.                                                                                Emmet Fox in Power Through Constructive Thinking, p. 148


  • Half of the world is on the wrong scent in the pursuit of happiness.  They think it is having and getting, and in being served by others.  It consists in giving and serving others.                                                                                                Henry Drummond


  • The pursuit of the self is the pursuit of sorrow.                                                             David Wesley Soper


  • Did Jesus say, “For this I came into the world that everyone might do whatever he or she likes?”                                                                                  George MacDonald in Proving the Unseen, p. 38
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