The Substance of Faith

The Substance of Faith

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Quotes on the Lord’s Prayer – Forgive us as…

  • No man [sic] who will not forgive his neighbor, can believe that God is willing, yea wanting, to forgive him . . . . If God said, “I forgive you” to a man who hated his brother, and if (as impossible) that voice of forgiveness should reach the man, what would it mean to him?  How much would the man interpret it?  Would it not mean to him “You may go on hating.  I do not mind it.  You have had great provocation and are justified in your hate?”  No doubt God takes what wrong there is, and what provocation there is, into the account:  but the more provocation, the more excuse that can be urged for the hate, the more reason, if possible, that the hater should be delivered from the hell of his hate . . . .   God loved the sinner so much that He cannot forgive him in any other way than by banishing from his bosom the demon that possesses him.    George MacDonald: An Anthology – 365 Readings,  edited by C.S. Lewis,   P. 7 ff.


  • Nothing will make us so generous and merciful to the faults of others as seeing your own.        Francois Fenelon in  Talking with God, p.21


  •  It is impossible to have at one and the same time a relationship with God based on grace and a relationship with man [sic] based on law.  Emil Brunner, in Sowing and Reaping, p. 64

Check back, I plan to update this post with more quotes on forgiveness

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