The Substance of Faith

The Substance of Faith

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Quotes for Holy Week – On Atonement

Forgiveness costs. Whatever the theory of atonement, this is at the heart of it, that forgiveness costs.

–Richard John Neuhaus,  Death On A Friday Afternoon,  p. 15

The crucifixion of Jesus set men (sic) thinking more than anything else that has ever happened in the life of the human race. And the most remarkable fact in the whole history of religious thought is this: that when the early Christians looked back and pondered on the dreadful thing that had happened, it made them think of the redeeming love of God.

–D. M. Baillie in God Was in Christ: An Essay on Incarnation and Atonement  p. 184

The first things to say about theories of atonement are all, in themselves, abstractions from the real events. The events-the flesh and blood, time and space happenings-are the reality which the theories are trying to understand but cannot replace. p. 94

All theories of atonement adequate to the task must include both a backward look (seeing the guilt, sin and shame of all previous generations heaped up on the cross) and a forward dimension, the promise that what God accomplished on Calvary will be fully and finally implemented. p. 96

NT Wright in  Evil and the Justice of God

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