The Substance of Faith

The Substance of Faith

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Morning Prayer – June 23, 213

I had several comments on this prayer, so here it is:

Save us, Father, from the place we have come to in our  lives.  We look around and know this is not where you meant us to be.  But how can we return unless you reach out and draw us close by the power of your strong arm?  We confess that we never intended for one day’s anger to develop into a lifetime of hate.  We never intended for for one day’s resentment to turn into envy as a way of life.  But, here we are, Father.  Far from people we love, far from  being the kind of individuals we hoped to be.  Far from You.

Rescue us today.  Place an irresistible  moment in our lives so that we can no longer continue on the paths of our own choosing.  Call to us today with an undeniable voice that bids us to turn and be healed.

My this day not end until we have responded to your call.  May the sun not set this very evening without us finding ourselves at home again – at rest in your shadow – at peace in your everlasting arms.

In the name of the Great Shepherd we pray, even Jesus Christ our Lord.


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