The Substance of Faith

The Substance of Faith

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Lord’ Payer ….Daily Bread

  • Nicolai Berdyaev has said:  “Bread for others is always a spiritual question.”  It is always a question of love.  Most of us are sure we love.  In James’ letter to his community, he warns that there is no meaning in love for the hungry person which leaves that person hungry, no meaning in love for one who is cold and without shelter that does not supply the necessary clothing, fuel, and housing.  Jesus’ message is good news, hope for the poor that their suffering is to be alleviated.  It is to be alleviated in the kingdom, by those who follow his ways and share.  Megan McKenna, in Send My Roots Rain, p. 250


  • Any church, any preacher, anybody can sell a religion or a God who delivers the goods on time, who pays the bills, gives you pleasure, peace, and security, and who is at the other end of the dial or prayer wheel, or mouse: there is no problem with filling TV studios or crystal cathedrals.  Who would not be satisfied with a God who, when asked for a car, gave one; who, when prayed to for peace, delivered it; who, when asked for peace of mind or strength of will, gave it?  This reminds one of the African proverb that says, “When I pray for bread and get it, I think about bread and forget God.  When I pray for bread and don’t get it, I think about God a great deal.”   Peter Gomes, in Strength for the Journey, p. 43


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