The Substance of Faith

The Substance of Faith

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Holy Week – Quotes on the Cross

In Christianity, the cross is the test of everything which deserves to be called Christian.

 –Jurgen Moltmann in The Crucified God

A faith that has a cross at its center cannot be a faith that worships success.

–E. Stanley Jones in Abundant Living

“He goes before you,” says Saint Matthew.  He goes before us blazing a path for us to follow, and where Christ has gone we need not fear.  Christ went to the cross; we need not fear the cross.  Christ went to the grave; we need not fear the grave.  Christ has gone into the future; we need not fear the future.  Christ inhabits life; we need not fear life.  God gets our attention at long last by earthquake or sublime experience or terror.  He tells us that he has come in Jesus Christ that we may have life and that we may have it more abundantly.

 –Peter Gomes in Sermons: Biblical Wisdom for Daily Living, p. 78

The death of Jesus was not the death of a martyr, it was the revelation of the eternal heart of God.  That is why the Cross is God’s last word; that does not mean God is not speaking still, it means that He is saying nothing contrary to the Cross.

 –Oswald Chambers, Conformed to His Image/The Servant As His Lord, p. 35


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