The Substance of Faith

The Substance of Faith

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For Easter – Quotes on Hope

Let’s not confuse optimism with biblical hope.  Optimism says, “Don’t worry!  It may not happen.” Hope says, “It may happen.  But God will keep us.”  Optimism says, “Things will become better.”  Hope says, “By God’s grace we will become better, and better able to deal with trouble.”  Optimism says, “Cheer up.”  Hope says, “Look up.  Your redemption is drawing near.”

–Cornelius Plantinga, Jr. in Beyond Doubt,  p. 304


Dietrich Bonhoeffer once warned against cheap grace, and I warn now against cheap hope.  Hope is not merely the optimistic view that somehow everything will turn out all right in the end if everyone just does as we do.  Hope is the more rugged, the more muscular view that even if things don’t turn out all right and aren’t all right, we endure through and beyond the times that disappoint or threaten to destroy us.

–Peter Gomes, The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus , p. 220


A promise is the declaration of a reality that does not yet exist.  Thus, promise sets our hearts on a which the fulfilling of the promise is to be expected.  If it is the case of a divine promise, then that indicates that the expected future does not have to develop in the framework of…the present, but arises from that which is possible to the God of promise.

Jurgen Moltmann in The Theology of Hope, p. 103


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