The Substance of Faith

The Substance of Faith

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A Primer for Parents on YouTube Videos for Children

What could be more harmless than occupying your child with Children’s YouTube while driving or as you try to performs a few chores around the house?  They are pre-screened and age-appropriate, right?

Many children have their own device, or most parents (grandparents, too) have downloaded YouTube for Children to their own devices as an easy safe way to keep them busy while in the a waiting room.  

Not so fast.

Watch this TED Talk by James Bridle and you won’t think of Children’s YouTube the same.

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Financial Advice for Your Children

Photo by kakisky from

Photo by kakisky from









I believe the only financial advice anyone needs can be summed up in five words:  spend less than you make. The earlier you learn that lesson the better off you will be.

Motley Fool contributor, Morgan Housel, offers financial advice to his new son.    His points 3, 8, and 10 relate directly to my conviction about spending less.

I disavow his jibe at commissioned sales people as some have served me well.

It’s a simple read and worth the time for young parents.

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July’s Dose of Culture

Here’s a monthly supply of technology changes, culture shifts, and essays about the life happening around us.

An official study of jerks?   What you always knew about irritating people, but did not write down.

Headers, chip shots, behind the back…all 136 World Cup goals from the group stage in one video.

Lab quality medical testing at home?  Swab yourself.

Does anyone really care what you “like to buy.”  Gallup’s surprising study on the limited effect of social media on our purchases.


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May’s Dose of Culture

Here’s a monthly supply of technology changes, culture shifts, and things about life that are happening around us.

What would my grandfather have done on Saturday afternoon?  How would the man who instilled washing the car every week  have handled owning a Nissan that washes itself?


So your financial institution rates your password as “strong?”  Think again.


What 2-letter word limits your future?


This video makes you think twice about wasting food.


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April’s Dose of Culture

Here’s a monthly supply of technology changes, culture shifts, and things that are happening around us.

Are you concerned about the way our culture communicates via mobile?  Are today’s apps turning us into sociopaths?

Orwell had it wrong.  Little Brother is watching.  How everything we do is recorded by someone.

What comes after “selfies?”  Newest additions to the Oxford English Dictionary.

Wondering what all those texting and internet abbreviations mean but were afraid to ask?  Try this Acronym Finder  

How talking to your kids about sex has changed.  The new conversation.

Only in America: one of my favorite features of The Week.


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Keith Reaves pointed me to this article during his father’s recent illness and death.  It contains some good advice for times when you want to be supportive of anyone going through sorrow or a crisis.

How Not to Say the Wrong Thing


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20 Things 20-Year-Olds Don’t Get

Here’s a great read from Forbes.  The only addition I’d make is that our society, as a whole, could learn from this article.  Hiding behind a keyboard, spending more than you make, and participating in cancerous office cultures are cultural problems , not generational issues.


From Forbes:  20 Things 20-Year-Olds Don’t Get



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Sexual Assault Training

Why is this story important?   Check out the 1:00 mark in the video.

The young woman at 1:00 is the base runner in the first picture of the Sports and Character post. Twenty years later, of course.

We’re proud of Rachel’s efforts to make this program happen at her hospital.

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Advice on Writing

For my friends who work hard at the craft of writing, I share an article from, one of my favorite sites.  It is a collective listing of advice from great writers.  Read it, then get to work.

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Amazing Photos

I love the way these photos reveal the ability of the artist to conceptualize the image.

Best Photos of 2012

Photos #87 and #88 are two of my favorites.

Which ones stand out to you?


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