The Substance of Faith

The Substance of Faith

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A Thanksgiving Prayer

Dear God,  Be patient with our ingratitude.  Be patient and forgive our failure to recognize all the things we have that are ours through no effort of our own.    Thank you for being born in a time when plenty is all around us, education is possible, and medicine advanced. Thank you that we have been born in a country with opportunity and into families that invest in our futures.   Thank you for minds that function well and abilities that help us make the most from life. Forgive us for the time we have thought ourselves self-made and remind us of all your gifts.

Forgive us as well for all our tendencies toward self-righteousness, which are not only false, but also rob Jesus of the thanksgiving due him for giving his life to save us from our sins.

Teach us this day that a little more of the things that have not satisfied at all will not satisfy us greatly.

Though is be late, long after a blessing is ours, or little in comparison to what we have received, or shortened by the distractions of the world, accept our thanks for our lives and for your grace.

Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord….

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