The Substance of Faith

The Substance of Faith

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A Prayer for the World

A few months ago I visited a woman who is dying.  Her TV was on and a new anchor was listing a series of headlines that challenge a Christian’s sensibilities. As I left, she asked me to pray for the world, saying she was afraid, not to die, but for the direction of events in the world.

Photo: Earth_1 by Robb Courtesy

Photo: Earth_1 by Robb

Dear God, what is happening in this world?  The moorings seem pulled loose.  The foundations are shaken.  Virtues are criticized and things once done in hiding are now paraded in public and glorified.   We confess that we are afraid – afraid of the changes we see and afraid of changes which are yet to come.  We are afraid for our children and for our grandchildren who will live in this world long after we are gone.  We pray that they will have faith and not be swept away in a secular tide which no longer washes against your Holy shore.

And, yet, you are God.  You are your Rock and Salvation.  The sun rose in the sky today and the moon will shine tonight only because you allow it.  Remind us that past generations have also feared, but You have seen them through and faith in Christ is still found on the earth. Help us to see where in this world your Kingdom thrives and lead us to go there and join our efforts with those are faithful still.

Give us faith to move mountains and set before us the mountains you want moved.  Give us faith to bring justice and faith to live righteously.  May our speech always be shaped by Your grace, even when our fear expresses itself as anger.  Make our hearts pure, no matter what the challenge of the day might be.

May your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Through Christ our Lord………

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