The Substance of Faith

The Substance of Faith

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The Thrill of Victory and …

Congratulations to Ed Watters who successfully completed the 4 gap ride today.  Ed rode 109 miles and climbed about 9500 feet.  The guides say it is equivalent to a Tour de France stage on difficulty.  Very few riders ride four gap.  Very few.  Congratulations one more time to Ed.  Dan and Jeff both completed the three gap ride which is also quite an accomplishment.

Those of us riding the two gap ride and difficulty near the end of the day.  Three of us went down on the descent of the last gap in an area where there was 15% downgrade.  The scene was reminiscent of the “agony of defeat” from the old opening from the Wide World of Sports.  It was a chain reaction and I was the last of the three and had the least injuries.  No other riders from Rome were involved.

Chris, a friend we made in Colorado two years ago, was the first to go down and had the most serious injuries, including three broken bones.  Late word is he will be fine, but he was transported to a Burlington Hospital.  David, from Atlanta went down second and injured his shoulder . He also had serious road rash.  The trip is over for Chris and David.

I went down right behind David and was the only one of the three to walk away.  The picture above is my personal radiologist, Joe Burch, giving me the “OK” on my condition at the accident site.

I ride in the van tomorrow and we’ll make an assessment on my seat and figure out if I can get a new wheel and helmet.  Then I’ll determine if I ride Wednesday.

Looking back, today was about good people.  John Brodie from Ohio was  attentive at the accident.    Joe, Cheryl, and Tamara were  kind beyond words.  The guides, Matt and Jessica, were also helpful and concerned. Ed Hine won’t let me lift a finger after arriving back at the hotel.

And it was a day to appreciate the good people of Middlebury, NH.  From the wait staff at the Middlebury Inn to John and Dorothy in ER, I thank you all.


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Thankful that you are surrounded by good folk and that you are ok. Love you!


September 10, 2013

Knowing how much each of you has looked forward to this trip, I have said prayers for the injured and non-injured alike. May the rest of your miles be fun and *uneventful*!

Nina Lovel

September 10, 2013

Thanks, Nina. I’m moving well today. We are in rain delay to be safe.

Prayers appreciated.


September 10, 2013

Love you, Sweetie. All is good today. With the rain it is a good day for me to be off.


September 10, 2013

So glad you’re doing okay! We have been praying for all of you. A big thanks to Ed Hine for helping you!

Doris Todd

September 11, 2013